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Suriname Photos

Downtown Paramaribo has a distinct European feel, as they still have a large Dutch influence.

Downtown Paramaribo

Most of the country is impossible to access due to the lack of roads. I caught a mini-van out of town to the only rainforest you can get to by car.

Brokopondo Lake from Brownsberg Park

Brownsberg Rainforest

Witti Creek - Brownsberg

Frog at Witti Creek


Drumming Suriname style

Brownsberg Waterfall

Praying Mantis in my kitchen

School bus I hitched a ride back to Paramaribo in

Reefer Station

In the border town of Albina, the Peace Corps worker from my mini-van did some fancy work speaking Sranan Tongo to get me a good deal on a boat across to French Guiana.

Albina boatmen

Albina town

Albina is where your pet parrot likely originated (after the part where they put glue on the tree in the forest to catch it). Surinamese and French Guianans like to wander the street with their captive birds.

Caged Parrots

Boat view to Albina - crossing to French Guiana