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Papua New Guinea Photos

January 2007

Yellow and Red Spider

Yellow and Red Spider

Wewak Beach

Wewak Beach

Village Chief

Village Wewak

Dad giving out peanuts

Peanuts Kaveve

Stick Insect - Milne Bay

Stick Insect - Milne Bay

Stick Insect Sex

Stick Insect Sex

Sepik River Snake Hunter

Snake Hunter - Sepik

Milne Bay Mushrooms

Milne Bay mushrooms

Sailboat - Sepik River style

Sepik River boat

Sebastian's Place - Milne Bay (home for a week)

Sebastian - Milne Bay

Punk will never diet

Punk will never diet

Jammin in Milne Bay

Milne Bay sunset

Me and dad at the Kaveve waterfall

Kaveve waterfall

Me and the big leaf


White-lipped treefrog - Litoria infrafrenata

Litoria infrafrenata

Litoria eucnemis

Litoria eucnemis

Litoria arfakiensis - Goroka

Litoria arfakiensis

Me in the banana stream

Sepik River - Papua New Guinea

Keram House - Sepik River

Keram New Guinea

Kaveve Village


Sepik River Fine Art

Kambot Herpetofauna

Dad in the Kambot Haus Tambaran

Kambot Sepik River tribe

Kambot couple - Sepik River

Kambot - Sepik

Kambot carving - Sepik River

Kambot carving

Kambot Art - Sepik River

Art Kambot

Sepik River Hunters

Sepik River Hunters

Goroka bags

Goroka bags

Me and the dead guy - Sepik River

Sepik Sculpture

Dad at the Goroka Market

Goroka Market

On Mt. Gavahisuka

Dad Me Gavahisuka

Dad at Wewak Beach

Dad at Wewak

Sepik River Hunters

Pig Hunters - Sepik River

Sepik River Crocodile

Crocodile - Sepik River

Milne Bay Centipede

Centipede - Papua New Guinea

Looking good & eating coconut - Wewak Beach


Haus Tambaran (Spirit House) in Chimundo, Sepik River

Chimundo Haus Tambaran

Chimundo Art 2

Papua Chimundo Art

Chimundo Art

Chimundo Art Sepik River

Cheap Crabs

Milne Bay Crabs

Taenaris catops butterfly

Taenaris catops butterfly

Danis melimnos Butterfly

Danis melimnos butterfly new guinea

Ben, Danny and that dude

Papua New Guinea Tribesmen

Hallucinogenic Angel Trupet Flower

Hallucinogenic Angel Trumpet Flower