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New Zealand

These pictures are from my winter-time trips to New Zealand's north island. I'll add plenty of South Island and summertime photos one of these days, so check back later...

After a night in Te Kuiti (the self-proclaimed sheep shearing capital of the world), I headed to the Whareorino Forest with some Department of Conservation workers to look for the critically endangered Archey's frog.

View from the Whareorino Forest to the sea

Whareorino Ocean View

Ferns in Whareorino

Whareorino ferns

Here it is, active at 2 degrees C in mid-winter, pretty amazing...

Endangered Archey's Frog - Leiopelma archeyi

Leiopelma archeyi - Archey's Frog

New Zealand's only non-threatened native frog, Leiopelma hochstetteri, which hangs out under rocks in the streams...

Hochstetter's Frog - Leiopelma hochstetteri

Leiopelma hochstetteri - Hochstetter's Frog

Mt. Taranaki in the distance


Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo

Afterwards I headed to one of the world's most beautiful spots, Tongariro National Park, home of one of the world's coolest mountains, Mt. Ngaurahoe.

Mt. Ngaurahoe (The Lord of the Rings' Mount Doom)

Ngaurahoe Tongariro

Sunset on Ngaurahoe

Ngaurahoe Climb

Ruapehu is actually a lot larger than Ngaurahoe, just not so dramatic.

Mt. Ruapehu

Ruapehu Tongariro National Park

Mt. Ngaurahoe


Headed into Tongariro National Park

Kerry and Ngaurahoe Tongariro

Mt. Ngaurahoe

ngaurahoe tongariro hike

Headed up Ngaurahoe

Tongariro winter

On Ngaurahoe

Ngaurahoe climb

A beautiful Tongariro Lake

ngaurahoe and lake

High on Mt. Ngaurahoe

Climbing Tongariro

Tongariro waterfalls

new zealand waterfall

This is from my last trip to New Zealand, on a short excursion to a nature reserve in the Wellington Harbor...

Matiu Somes Island

Matiu Somes Island

Downtown WellingtonWellington New Zealand


Flying out - view over Ngaurahoe & Ruapehu

Ngaurahoe and Ruapehu