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Szia & jo napot. Welcome to my page of Hungary pictures, taken in Nov and Dec 2008, when I spent a fantastic month in the lovely city of Budapest, on the River Danube.

Snow from the balcony

Hungary Kiraly Park

The synagogue

Synagogue Budapest

Vaci Utca

Vaci Utca

The Citadel

Budapest Citadel

View upstream from the Citadel

Danube River

View to the castle

Budapest Castle


Ruins Budapest

Dude and dragon over the city

Dragon Citadel Budapest

Funky minaret-like buildings

Minarets Budapest

The man

Kerry Budapest

Hi mom, that's my place

Budapest House

River view - Danube

Budapest Church

Pandora & Cicero

Hungarian Cats

Lili at Kiraly Park

Lili Hungary

Eagle overlooking Budapest

eagle citadel budapest