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South Pacific: New Zealand | Papua New Guinea

South & Central America: Brazil | Guyana | Suriname | French Guiana | Panama | Costa Rica

North America: Alberta | Asia: South Korea | Africa: Ghana

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Guyana on the left, Brazil on the right

Guyana Brazil Border

Entrance to Guyana

Lethem border



Lethem Market

Lethem Market

De Slayer - the Greyhound of Guyana

Guyana bus

The Ferry Graveyard

Essiquibo Ferry

Iwokrama Forest

Iwokrama Forest Ecoresort

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Praing mantis

Brown Frog

Iwokrama frog

Iwokrama Hotel

Iwokrama Amerindian Shelter

Rainforest at Iwokrama

Guyana rainforest

Big tree at Iwokrama

Logging Iwokrama

Funky insect

Guyana insect hiking

Essiquibo River

Essiquibo River

Iwokrama frog

Iwokrama frog

Guyana north-south road

Guyana Travel

Maburra - police checkpoint town

Maburra Guyana

Linden factories

Linden Guyana

Georgetown - Church Street - Sleepin Hotel View

Georgetown Hotel

Guyana Rainforest

Pristine rainforest

Flying into Kaeiteur

Kaieteur Aerial View

Kaieteur Gorge - Potara River

Potara River

Bromeliad and Kaieteur Falls

kaieteur falls bromeliad

Island below falls

Kaieteur National Park

Living on the edge

Kaieteur cliff

Potara River frog

Potara River frog Kaieteur

Golden Rocket Frog - Colostethus beebei

Golen rocket frog Colostethuis beebei

Kaieteur flower

Kaieteur National Park flower



Kaieteur National Park - swimming hole

Kaieteur Hiking

Pakaraima Mountains - Kaieteur Gorge - Potara River

Pakaraima Mountains

Trail to the bottom of the falls

Rainforest at Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Bromeliads

Bromeliads Kaieteur

Kaieteur Flowers


Cane toad - Bufo marinus

Cane toad - Bufo marinus

White-chinned swifts

white-chined swifts

Rainbow below Kaieteur Falls

rainbow kaiteur falls

Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Falls

South American Flute