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Bosnia and Herzegovina

The old bridge of Mostar


Bosnia Mountains

Sarajevo sits in a thick cloud of smog. The visibility tends to max out at 700meters. This is what it looks like on a sunny day:

Sarajevo - Bascarsija (The Turkish Quarter)

Sarajevo smog

I made an escape to Bjelasnica, the Olympic ski resort.

View from the top of Bjelasnica

On top of Bjelasnica

Ready for some Olympic downhill

Land of sleepless nights and hidden sun
Land of slippery sidewalks and dark alleyways
Land of crowded buses and wet floors
Land of freezing nights and nowhere to go
Land of hacking coughs and toxic air
Land of greasy food and smoky restaurants
Land of deep canyons and smog-filled valleys
Land of high mountains guarded by landmines
Let me leave
Let me leave